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Hudson James Brantley- your birth story

January 18th-  Attended a regular check up and learned that I was dilated to a "good" 3 (aka 3.5cm)!!!  I had NO idea I had already dilated!
January 25th- Attended a regular check up and learned that I was now dilated to a 4!!!
Now that we're all caught up, we can move on to THE day!!!!...
February 1st, just like any other day, I headed to work and was busy. Then about an hour before my regular scheduled check up with my doctor, I started feeling some "maybe" contractions again.  I met the hubby at home so that we could ride together and told him that I had a feeling that we really needed to bring my bags for the hospital this time.  Hubby shrugged it off and said "I'll come back and pick them up if it turns out we need them."  <----famous last words!  haha!  At the doctors office, the doctor proceeded to tell me that she thought we should go on to the hospital to have my water broke and that I would be having this baby tonight!  Hubs and I gasped in disbelief!  The three of us talked about it and decided to go ahead with it!  The hubs asked if we had time to run home and GRAB OUR BAGS and the doc told him that he could drop me off @ the hospital and then run on his own.  We hopped in the truck and headed to the hospital.  I quickly called my Mama and asked her to meet us there but as we were talking, I felt as if my water was starting to break!  We decided that Mom would go and pick up Layla from school and bring her along.  The hubs promptly decided to make other arrangements for our bags!  We then called my mom-in-law and asked her to meet us @ the hospital in case Layla needed to be taken home at some point.
At the hospital the nurses quickly got us checked into our room and told us that Dr. Wright would be with us shortly.  They drew some blood and started IV's. Meanwhile, my hubs gave "breaking into the house" directions to our friend Drew, so that he could get our bags and drop them by the hospital!
Soon after, my mom brought my sweet Layla-bug in to see me!  I tried to hide the IV wires under the blanket covering me.  I smiled and had her crawl into my bed with me.  I had worried the entire pregnancy about her worrying for me!  I thought and thought on how I would try to make this un-truamatic for her.  I didn't want her to be scared.  I wanted it all to be a happy time for her.  "Your brother is coming!"  I told her.  She smiled and hugged me hard.  She was beaming with excitement!  After visiting awhile, she learned that her cousin James was now in the waiting room and so she went to play with him for a while.
My nurse came in and informed me that Dr. Wright wanted to have them go ahead and start Pitocin.  PITOCIN!  What?  I freaked out!  "But, I don't want to be induced!  It will thow me into active labor too soon and I'll tear again!"  The nurse calmly said that I had already dilated enough and that my body had already begun to get ready for birth.  She asked if I wanted an epidural.  I wasn't in any horrible pain at the time but the nurse said that if I thought that I would need one that it would be a good idea to go ahead and have it put in before the Pitocin was started.  I agreed.  The nurse told me that she would start the Pitocin at a 1 (the smallest dose) since she knew I wasn't excited about it and the Anestesiologist was called. 
Soon after, my doc arrived and finished breaking my waters and told me and my husband that she'd bet that we'd be holding our baby boy before bedtime!  The Anestesiologist began working away to start my epidural.  She was AWESOME!  She explained every step and what kind of feelings I would be experiencing like tingling, warm sensations, etc.  All of a sudden my right leg kicked the sweet CNA that was allowing me hug her while the epidural was being placed!  I was soooo embarrassed, "I am so sorry!  I didn't do that on purpose, I promise!"  Everyone including the CNA laughed!  I hadn't kicked her hard, but I was so terribly embarrased!  "I've never had anyone kick me before!" she said laughing.  I explained that it had felt like someone was checking my reflexes and knocked that part of my knee!  So strange! 
As soon as the epidural was in place I was layed back on the bed.  The nurse gathered all of her supplies to insert the catheter.  All of a sudden, out of no where, I started having a stabbing sensation in my left groin area!  It was horrific!  I didn't understand what had happened.  I had gone from having some slightly  uncomfortable "I don't need an epidural yet" contractions to horrific pain!  The nurse could not even attempt to insert the catheter due to the pain I was in.  I began sobbing and she quickly called the Anestesiologist back in.  I started crying harder and harder like a child.  You know, the kind that you can't hardly catch your breath.  I could feel all of my makeup washing away and I felt embarrassed because I was afraid they might think I just some kind of crazy person who wanted more meds or something. I just wanted the pain ease off!!!!  I wanted my Hubs! The anestesiologist explained that I was experiencing a "hot spot."  A hot spot?  Ok... I have watched a million of the "Baby story" shows and went to school and became an LPN and I have never, never, I tell you, heard of a "hot spot."  She explained that it happens when a the medication skips a bundle of nerves somehow.  So I was having  the full effects of active labor all into a pinpointed area the size of a peach.  It was excrusiating!  The nurses put me into a different position so that the medicine would run to that "hot spot" by gravity.  After what seemed to be hours, the pain finally eased off and the catheter was inserted.  I was so relieved.  Little did I know it had been almost an hour and a half that I had been going through all of this!  I found out later, that my Mom and Hubs was in the waiting room worrying away.  They knew that inserting an epidural took minutes not hours and so they were sitting on pins and needles the entire wait!
  Just a little while after I was reunited with Hubs, Mama, and Layla, I began to feel the need to PUSH!  My husband called for the nurse and we calmly had Layla return to the waiting room filled with a bunch of our anxiously awaiting family members.  I was then checked and told that I had went from a 6 to a 10 within just minutes!!!  My body always knows when it's time to Push out a baby!!!! The nurse laughed and called me a "wiffer."  She said that was because it only took a "wiff" of pitocin to knock me into a 10!  Hahaha!  It was right on the dot again!  A ton of emotion set in.  I was excited to meet my baby boy but I was so afraid of how my body would handle this!  With my first baby, I had a horrible birth.  I was thrown into labor via Pitocin, and then had a 5th degree tear!  The nurse had already heard the tale of my 1st birth and was very empathetic.  She gave me the option to either try to push now or be put in an upright "frog position" and let gravity bring little man down naturally before trying to push.  I opted for the frog!  Right after the nurse left the room I started to feel very nauseated and lightheaded.  The nurse was called in and checked my blood sugar (I had Gestational Diabetes through this pregnancy as well).  My blood sugar was a little low and my blood pressure was very low!  I never was aware of the reading but I saw my nurse go into panic mode, grabbing the IV bag, adding medication to bring up my blood pressure and quickly began squeezing the IV bag to bolus the meds in.  She squeezed and squeezed as quickly as she could.  My poor hubby turned white as a sheet.  I reassured him that I was ok.  The feeling of nausea started to ease off as my blood pressure began to come back up.  My nurse informed me that the baby had come down quite a bit and she thought it was time to start pushing!  She rang my doc who told her that she had another patient in labor as well.  The nurse gave me a funny smile and said "I bet we can beat her to it!"  I agreed and started pushing!  Just a couple of pushes and the doc was called in!  We HAD beaten the other patient and got the doc 1st!
@ 10:57pm Hudson James Brantley came into this world!  Weighing in at 6 pounds 5 ounces and 19 inches long.  Another little miracle!  Our lives will never be the same!  He is the sweetest boy in the world and I'm so smitten!
As soon as he was born,the nurses kept talking about how alert he was.... wide eyed!  He was cleaned up and handed to me first.  As soon as they placed him in my arms he smiled and melted my heart!  Then he was passed to his Daddy, and as soon as he was handed to him, he smiled again!  Gigi held him next and then big sister was called to the room!  You could see the love in her eyes as soon as she saw him!  Love at first site!  I was delighted!  Layla had done well in the waiting room and had spent the time drawing a picture for her new brother!  She brought it in with her and quickly pulled it out after meeting him (The picture now sits framed in baby brother's room).  Soon after, the entire crew was called in to meet our newest member of the family!  All I can say is, Hudson James, my son, you are so loved!!!!!!   :)

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