Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're Expecting!!!

It's been a while...But I'm back, and with good news!  We have a muffin in the oven!!!  I am so very excited!  We have been hoping and praying for this child for a very long time!  I am now almost 16 weeks along and just felt the first feelings of life in there!  He/She kicked on 08/29/11!  I had my 4 month check up at the OBGYN's that day and my doc said "you should be feeling movements any time now." and later that night I did!  Every time I go for a check up they say the same thing "Wow, you have a very active baby!" 
We told Layla she was going to be a big sister on 08/28/11.  She is soooo very excited and thinks of the baby constantly saying things like, "oh, I don't want to hurt the baby." when I pick her up, or "Tell them about the baby!" when we are out in public.  I think she would scream it out loud for the whole world to hear if she could!  This baby will be one lucky individual to have such a very caring big sister!  She is such a caretaker and is so loving.  It is time.  Time for Layla to have a sibling and I feel so blessed that it has come at this time.  8 months of "trying" started to take it's tole on me emotionally and I wanted for a sibling for our Laylabug so badly!  I am so thankful!
Next week, I will go for an early gender sonogram!  Let's hope He/She will continue to be active!!!

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