Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's A........... BOY!!!

Yep!  A beautiful, bouncy, baby boy!  Chris, Layla, and myself went to my 17 week "Gender" sonogram!  We told Layla the night before that we were going to be able to see some fuzzy pictures of the baby on a computer, screen to break it down to her level.  She was so excited!  She jumped up and down yelling "Yay!"  Then as she turned to bounce away, she spun back around and said "Mommy, remind me to get the baby's car seat tomorrow!"  I had to quickly explain that baby wasn't coming home with us, but we would get to see pictures of "it."  How thoughtful is she?!  Safety first! LOL!
The morning of the sonogram we were all very excited.  I asked the sonographer to whisper the gender of the baby into Layla's ear first so that she would be the first to know and could then relay it to us!  The time came, the tech called Layla and whispered into her ear.  She quickly rushed back to her Daddy's arms.  We asked several times what the baby was.  She didn't answer.  Ugh!  Her shyness had set in and she didn't look happy.  So I decided to ask "Yes" "No" questions...  "Is it a boy?"  She shook her head yes and we all squealed with delight!  The tech told us it looked like a boy but warned not to go paint the walls just yet.  As the sonogram continued though, she corrected herself, "Ok, it's DEFINITELY a boy!"  This little boy of ours is stubborn already.  Legs were crossed and he would not budge out of his awkward position.  The tech pushed and bounced the machine across by lower abdomen until I was plum sore!  Do you think little man budged?  NOPE!  She tried so hard to get some detailed 3D pictures of his face... he wrapped his arm across his face as if he was saying "leave me alone!"  Regardless of not getting "great" pictures we cannot complain, we got to see what we went to see... a strong heartbeat and parts that said "BOY!" 
The plans were to keep the gender top secret until we got off from work and could then go spread the news.  I could NOT hold it in!  The first person I called... My Dad, who answered the phone saying "It's a boy."  I brushed him off and handed the phone to Layla.  "Papa, my mommy is having a baby boy!"  It was the sweetest thing!  She then informed him that the baby would be named "Ethan."  <--- Not true (She has a boy in her class with this name and I guess she fancies it!)  We dropped Daddy off so he could get to work and ran to Kroger where we bought a huge blue buggy balloon that read "Baby Boy."  We took it straight to my Mom's work and called to tell her to come out.  When she walked out the door she was greeted with Layla carrying the big blue balloon!  Layla cried "Happy Birthday!"  And we laughed and cried hysterically!  Mom was so surprised just as I was.  We both thought I had another girl in the oven!
After work, we grabbed another "Baby Boy" balloon and Layla marched into "Ganny & Papa's" living room.  More, squeals of delight.  After that we continued the parade.... to Granny Sally's; Karen-Jeremy-& Brantley's, Granny E.E.'s, and then my Mamaw's!  All we're thrilled.  I learned while @ my Mamaw's that she had secretly began working on two baby quilts:  a boy themed and girl themed.  She said that the boy themed turned out beautifully, the girl's however had lots of problems and she kept making mistakes on it.  She said she knew it was a sign!  (P.S. she's making me wait until the shower to see the finished boy's quilt! Drats!)  It was a lovely day!  I'm still trying to wrap my brain around having a boy!  I feel like I'm in a dream!  I'm so happy and blessed!  I love you little BOY!  You are SO loved already!!!  XOXO

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We're Expecting!!!

It's been a while...But I'm back, and with good news!  We have a muffin in the oven!!!  I am so very excited!  We have been hoping and praying for this child for a very long time!  I am now almost 16 weeks along and just felt the first feelings of life in there!  He/She kicked on 08/29/11!  I had my 4 month check up at the OBGYN's that day and my doc said "you should be feeling movements any time now." and later that night I did!  Every time I go for a check up they say the same thing "Wow, you have a very active baby!" 
We told Layla she was going to be a big sister on 08/28/11.  She is soooo very excited and thinks of the baby constantly saying things like, "oh, I don't want to hurt the baby." when I pick her up, or "Tell them about the baby!" when we are out in public.  I think she would scream it out loud for the whole world to hear if she could!  This baby will be one lucky individual to have such a very caring big sister!  She is such a caretaker and is so loving.  It is time.  Time for Layla to have a sibling and I feel so blessed that it has come at this time.  8 months of "trying" started to take it's tole on me emotionally and I wanted for a sibling for our Laylabug so badly!  I am so thankful!
Next week, I will go for an early gender sonogram!  Let's hope He/She will continue to be active!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My 1st Post!!!

Hello Me, This is my first official post as a "blogger?"  Anywho, I'd like to share with MYSELF those individuals who have inspired me to begin this new journey!  Drum roll please....
Heather from "Lark & Lola!"
Linda from "Diary of a Craftaholic!"
Maria from "Dreamy Whites!"
Nicole from "Making it Lovey!"
Round of applause!  Thank you Ladies!  Hope my blog is as successful and helpful to others as yours is to me!